Belgium Tilff L’Olivier des sens

I was looking for a place I had never visited before and close to home. I used TripAdvisor and this restaurent came up as a potential candidate. I took the opportunity to invite friends to join us and they confirmed it was a good pick.

I would like to mention the landscape here as as soon as you get into the restaurant, the kitchen is on your left and all open. So you can see the chef cooking and without safety net. I love it when the cook is live on stage and we can look not only at his art but also all the different ingredients.
Then you go up the staircase and get into another space which is nice, cosy and allowing enjoying food.
High 5 to the waitress going up and down with the dishes and keep smiling!

As you can see the dishes are looking great and the portions are really generous, Isabelle finished her paella the day after…
Thee size of the lobsters is great, the cooking is perfect and the sauce, a real delight!
I can only recommend eating there and even if not a gastronomic restaurant, it is a place where you will love eating great food and promised next time, I try the meat!
It hits all the markers as bistronomic type of cooking and the standards are high ❤️

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