Belgium Liege Le Shanghai

We never been there as we used to live in Asia and so Belgian local Chinese food has never been our first choice hut as friends told us it is worth it, we made the call to go and pay a visit to this restaurant which is in one of the best city’s spot.

As mentioned it is located in the city center and it makes it convenient but it does not make it hit good quality standards.
Check below the food and make up your mind.

Ok now you see what I mean… if you compare to Zheng in The Hague or even closer by in Liège’s area, Le bonheur simple or le Mekong which are so much better in terms of atmosphere and taste.
In short I found it quite expensive for what we got as the food has nothing special and you pay for the location…
Don’t make a detour for this, not worth it as there is much better in the zone!

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