Belgium Aywaille Le Cantil

I heard about this restaurant from Dutch friends… yes and it is only 10km from home 😉 so you can imagine my surprise… then other local friends mentioned it positively so we booked for a simple lunch on a Saturday noon.

The place is rather small but well optimisée even during our COVID time., social distancing is respected… nevertheless, piece of advice is to book a few days in advance as we have seen more people being rejected than people sitting.
It is indeed a good sign and after choosing our 5 courses menu, we realised why!

The food was really nice and the quantity is nice for a lunch… next time I’ll go for more consistent dishes, yes I’ll definitely go back there…
The service though while being nice, was a bit shaky due to the fact that the boss was not there (clearly this is where the wine skill is as he used to be the sommelier in L’Air de Rien) and the restaurant was full…
The only issue really was the time waiting for the cheese and dessert…
You have there a nice opportunity to eat local food in a different way and also enjoy the freshness of the ingredients. My only comment would be about the desserts as they look and taste a tad less than the other courses.

To summarise, it is definitely a place to visit and there are not many places where you can get this quality for 30 euros (5 courses) per person!
I recommend the visit 👍👌😉

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