M4C Challenge day 3

This 3rd stage was definitely a killer and starting on the wrong foot due to some negligence or delays in the B&B in Lo-Reninge and then rain, rain and rain.

Nevertheless our partnership with #TFSCRO to support the #AEC will help us to overcome the situation and make us keep our eyes on the price and moving on till next bivouac.

On top of that they had multiple punctures, a broken wheel and a broken pedal… all you need to spend a great day!
But when you check the threatening clouds above their heads, you quickly realise that it won’t be an easy ride today…

All this plus going through Brugge and Gent did not help to easily get the logistic car to fix issues as they pop up .
This has been leading the team to even get lost at one point in time as you can see in the Relive of the day where you will see that it was not obvious under these circumstances to get back on their feet.
Kudos to the folks as they could also take a few pics.

I also think they did not share the ugly ones from the worse moments of this 3rd stage as it has been painful enough to ride more than 8 hours and when not riding, fixing the bikes to reach Turnhout where a nice surprise was waiting for them…

No, not me but a beautiful B&B managed by a lovely couple who has been supportive and understanding as the cyclists arrived at 20:30 and she accepted to wash the outfits, help getting pizzas for all and this diligently. Really a nice surprise.

It is clear that another group was also in the place… if you like riding other types of 2 wheelers, enjoy these

Many thanks to #TFSCRO to sponsor this adventure and give us the opportunity to support #AEC’s project as the 3 organisations are sharing the same values!

Last opportunity to thank also our local sponsors supporting us for other projects during the year.

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