M4C Challenge day 4

As you all know by now, day 4 is D-day for us as it is cheque ceremony day!
We started hoping that the last stage will be better than day 3 as it was ugly and difficult but let’s check the pics of the last leg 😉

So as you can see it was a mix of different weather conditions but it ended up positively crossing the finish line under a welcoming sun.

It was a warm arrival as the families joined us to welcome our heroes and with the support of Louis Maraite the Comms Manager of the CHU we were in reasonable position to start our cheque ceremony with our Major Sponsor #TFSCRO and #AEC who received the cheque.

TEAMS meeting in place and Louis to manage image and sound we had the opportunity after my introduction to listen to Sylwia Domagalska (TFS Senior Director Marketing and communications) to bring us the context of #TFSCRO 25th anniversary and how we are kicking off a suite of other events in 2021.

This gave a perfect Segway for me to give the floor to TFS CEO Dr. Bassem Saleh who, in French, explained us the importance of such events in TFS worldwide as their employees did achieve 13,000 Km to support #M4C delivering a significant amount of money to the #AEC.
And the icing on the cake came during his speech mentioning he would be pleased to keep working with #M4C in 2022.

This is thus with a light heart that I could on his behalf deliver the cheque of 6,000 Euros to Francoise Claisse (secretary of the AEC).

So proud of what the team achieved here and also great to listen to Francoise explaining the #AEC project we are supporting and how we will help them providing the families a better support when their children are hospitalised for e.g. a bone marrow transplant.

After this explanation Ronel Steyn (TFS Vice President CDS and Head of OSDO) delivered a vibrant speech on how close to her heart the project is but also how great it is to see the 3 organisations (#M4C, #AEC and #TFSCRO) could pull this together to help the children and their families.
It is clearly key that sharing the same values helped to move all forces in the same direction and achieve a great result.
Her bilingual speech did move us and made a real difference!

We also had the luxury to get Prof. Beguin, head of haematology, joining us at the end of the ceremony to express the importance of stakeholders like #TFSCRO in research and also how their support to #AEC is important to help families. For me personally it was also emotional as he literally saved my life.

With Louis Maraite, he also invited #TFSCRO Executives to come and visit the new oncology center that will open soon in Liege CHU.

It was a great adventure and I wanted to highlight once again our 5 heroes Thierry, David, Fred, Thierry and Raphael for what they achieved!

Kudos to you folks!

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