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It was time for us to resume our foodie trips. We postponed this one three times due to COVID and I must admit that resuming on a two Michelin stars restaurant was a great plan.

This restaurant was highly recommended by friends of ours who came with us in Alsace for the weekend and more of the experience will be subject to further posts.

The team!

Having checked their website before going there we already knew that we’d go for the full gastronomic trip i.e. the ten courses menu. After the facts, I can confirm that it was the right choice and we enjoyed it to the full even if I also went for an extra, you read about this below 😉.

We have been light on the drinks i.e. mostly water but, as usual, we also asked to get support for the sommelier to get a matching couple of wines for the whole meal and here was the selection.

Amuses bouche

Nice variety of amuses to tickle your palate and get ready!

Langoustine lightly puffed with Espelette pepper on vegetable remoulade

Light, tasty and crunchy, a real delight to start with.

Multicolored Crimean tomatoes with a light cream of fresh mandes and cold arugula soup

Amazing and beautiful! The taste was matching the beauty.

Seared foie gras with star anise and rhubarb

God knows rhubarb is not in my list but when it is cooked with such skills and matching ingredients, believe me it does the trick.

Mackerel Sushi

And now a fish I would never ordered outside a gastronomic restaurant and guess what… I loved it!

Soba noodles with squid spaghetti, tandoori sauce

The chef is also effective in adding an Asian touch into his dishes and he is simply spot on in terms of fusion.

Thin slices of sea bream, vegetable roll with rice leaf and lemongrass broth

Light and fresh with a lot of taste. I am still wondering how he could get such a balance to avoid the lemongrass taking it all! Another wow effect.
The broth poured on the ingredients… might be the magic of this dish.

Hake in a cucumber coat with a green curry sauce and roasted octopus with a marinière of vegetables

The picture and the title of the dish speak for themselves… my personal comment would simply be go for it, it is flawless nearing perfection.

Sweetbread dim sum with a slightly spicy sauce

Muscovy duck lacquered with blackcurrant and its nem

I was afraid to get a heavy piece of duck but nope, nicely cooked crusty part of a tasty duck breast with a divine sauce and a perfectly matching nem.

Fresh goat cheese and white chocolate panna cotta with pesto and small herb tiles, ouzo sorbet sprinkled with sheep’s snow, shortbread olives and candied lemon

Trolley of sweets

You might think it becomes too much but nope… the balance being there all along and the size of the bites being appropriate allows you to still have space for a sweet 😉👏

You may wonder whether we got some cheese. Actually they made the conscient decision to not have a cheese trolley as the dessert is already goat cheese based but not good enough for me hence I requested some Munster which is a local cheese and they did this! That actually before the dessert itself.

Fantastic way to get Munster in three crunchy ways.

The service has been perfect, nice, smiling, sense of humour and knowledgeable about the menu and it’s ingredients also allowing to move from ten to eleven dishes to get my cheese extra. Kudos to the team there and also appreciated to see J-Y Schillinger paying us a visit to get our feedback.

Always cool to have such a chef coming to his customers to collect feedback.

Maybe a couple of pictures to also show the atmosphere of the place

It is a restaurant that is worth building a weekend around as we previously did in e.g. El Celler de Can Roca, l’Air du temps, Le pré Catelan Hélène Darroze (London)

Alsace is a beautiful region and believe me it is not difficult to fill a discovery weekend there but book here first!

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