Belgium St Georges s/Meuse Philippe Fauchet

We were again in discovery mode and decided to go back to our basic filter… Michelin.
We could find this 1 star restaurant that we never visited before and it was a great idea!
I must admit that since we discovered Le Pré des Oréades we realised that there might be even more Michelin star restaurants easy to reach…

The team for romantic dinner

Small village, little road, close to Liège and you can find this nugget, outside looks nice and bucolic. You feel immediately that you will be in good hands and enjoy a cool evening

These starters were a killer, nothing here was below. The only issue here was the size… when you think about it, it was not far away from a full meal but so fine and tasty that we were curious to go further.

Celeriac, almond, snow of foie gras, shimenji and crunchy vegetables

Indeed we were right even if it was celeriac (not my favourite) it was woaw a bit like what I felt about beetroot in L’huitrier-pie.

Sea bass, fennel, samphire, smoked potatoes and pistaccios

Sera bass with fennel was simply exquisite and samphire fantastic to bring some salty flavour to it.

That one, as you know me is my favourite and far away from disappointment, the sauce was perfect and it was a great balance of tastes. Clearly a job very well done.

Veal Lothian Vilz, rosemary, camaroli, sweet onions and Madras curry

Another delicious dish where the chef did not get in the usual pitfall i.e. having the curry coming over all the other subtil smells and tastes.

Now we hit my issue… those four preparations were just over the top, not from a quality perspective as like the rest it was fresh, tasty and i think it is good to not waste meat but it was just too much red meat all together.

Desserts were great and fresh, a nice way to clued a nice dinner.

And a happy bunny!

I guess you got my message, great food, that high quality comes at a reasonable price of 130 euros/person without drinks and believe me you won’t be hungry leaving the place.
i have to also mention a flawless service from the booking to the bill and the interaction was great on site. My only frustration would be that the chef did not come to say hi.

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