Belgium Spa Le Pré des Oréades

Yes a third star this year, catching-up! As you could understand while reading my previous post, we are craving for some good food. I was looking on my Michelin application to get some good opportunities close by to go with my neighbour.

J could then find this restaurant I never heard of and checking with other friends, no one could give me feedback about this place… fortunately it is located on the heights of Spa i.e. not impacted by the flooding!

Lovely hotel-restaurant on the heights of Spa

Then you have the team for the evening of course

It is now time to talk about the menu itself

Crustaceans, crab meat or cake depending on the arrival, collection of old-fashioned tomatoes, fine jelly, burrata, mini basil

Really fresh and allowing each ingredient to express itself in harmony… really well balanced!

Lobster, wild shrimps with lobster sauce tied with coral, vegetable matignon, and fresh pasta as a transfer of herbs

The one that drove me to go for the 5 courses and not disappointed. The sauce was light and tasty and the pasta is thin and adds to the balance… Job well done.

Pigeon in blood, juice of carcasses with cherry vinegar and kriek, cazette, tender vegetables, candied thighs, lentil stew, goose foie gras terrine

Not a pigeon fan and on paper it was not supposed to make the cut but I wanted to give them a chance i.e. I did not ask for a substitute and no regret! The four of us loved it… this what tells me me the one star is well deserved 😉

The cheese cart

Peach melba following Escoffier, to accompany a small vanilla puff pastry

I would like to highlight the service and the kindness of the owner, it was a pleasant evening and a nice discovery.
Really enjoyed the moment and also appreciate the fact we have such a restaurant in a 20 km radius from home.

For sure they will see me again as they change their menu every 4-6 weeks.

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