France Nice Le Negresco

As you may have read in my previous post we decided to spend a long weekend in south of France so that we could have our Mirazur experience.

(Un)fortunately the restaurant did not offer hotel services so we had to find an option nearby.
We, of course, heard of the place before and it was the opportunity to get this experience.

The inside of the hotel can be considered as a museum, a mix of classic and modern art. Really beautiful.

Then of course you have the rooms, they all are different and each floor has a theme. Our floor is about Napoleon.

And now the room… colourful, spacious and cool!

Of course we could not resist to try the room service for a light bite and it was not disappointing at all (soup and dessert) simply delicious.

Guess what, they also had breakfast 😉

A quick word about the service: great part of the positive experience, we loved it and I can’t see a better place for us.

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  1. Gorgeous photos my friend! And I love the Houston Texans’ baseball cap! Thanks for sharing! Stay well!


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