Belgium Paliseul La Table de Maxime

I started to book this Michelin 2 stars restaurant in the 2020 summer and due to the pandemic we could only be there on 12th February 2022.
That tells you our level of expectations.

It was a real pleasure to arrive in the small village and as soon as we got our rooms, we took the opportunity to have a walk before a rest and then start dinner.

No doubt it all started on the right foot and all clear for a pleasant experience.

The Team

As you can see below nice and tidy both the rooms and the restaurant, cool environment to bring you in the mood to have a great dinner!

This is where you see that you are in a Michelin 2 stars restaurant, great environment, exquisite food and a service that is flawless… Comparable with some others like L’Air du Temps, L’Eau vive, Le Fox, Raymond Blanc, Jean-Yves Schillinger, Helene Darroze (just got her 3rd star), …

The rest will definitely depend on your own taste but objectively the excellence is there in all cases ;-). Each time you get into a new “universe” that is close to the chef’s experience and feelings… great that these are shared with us!

So in short not one dish was below standards, quality consistency all along and enjoyed it end-to-end!
It is really worth the trip down South for such a weekend!

I cannot forget the drinks of course

And the breakfast of course:

Breakfast is clearly part of the overall weekend experience and it was simple, straight to the point but excellent quality and taste!
Clearly a nice way to close the event!

I would have only one complaint though, they captured in their system that it was Isabelle’s 50th birthday and they forgot about it during the dinner… I did share it with the chef (did not show during dinner) and he took note and end of day we did a selfie ;-). No hard feelings…

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