France Villeneuve les Avignons Le Prieuré de Beaumanière

A you understood we were on a mission to eat in Le Mirazur in Menton staying in Le Negresco but to get us there, we made the call to do a stopover in Villeneuve les Avignons at Le Prieuré de Beaumanière.
Thanks to Isabelle who found this nugget… a 5 stars hotel with a Michelin star restaurant just on our path to Nice.
Kudos to her as it was a sweet stay, too short of course but as we have been multiple in the region… it was such a pleasant experience that we’ll need to go back!

A few pics from the garden, swimming pool and areas to walk, these show the calm and the serenity coming from the place.
It was 28 degrees that day but the trees and a bit of wind made it so enjoyable!

One of the main purposes of an hotel is the room… and we were definitely not disappointed when we saw ours… a real good surprise as you are in a centuries old building but with all the amenities you’d like to get…
Definitely charming and of high quality and design.

Guess who I met in the garden while having a short walk… yes the chef was going to the restaurant and stopped for a brief chat and of course a quick selfie.

The chef Marc Fontanne 1 Michelin star

The restaurant is comparable to the hotel, you just feel comfortable and ready to be pampered and you expect a great service…

Here you go a dinner easily worth the 1 Michelin star as planned… great ingredients, fresh and deliciously cooked and all wrapped in a nice service…
Wine was also perfectly matching but as you know we had to go slowly to be ready for the next day in Le Mirazur in Menton.
If you are around and the hotel is full, still try to get a table in the restaurant, definitely worth it.

One of the highlights of the weekend, this breakfast was simply one of the best I ever had in an hotel… I may almost say the same for Le Negresco or even the one subject to my next post.
This make a huge difference to start your day on such a high note!

I know I don’t do this often but i thought it would be cool to also show the village as most of the time we all stop in Avignon and we don’t check 2 km down the road and we can find there also some gems e.g. this village.

If we go back there, it will be because of the full package you get staying there for a long weekend… this is simply relaxing and energising.

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