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Yes we are back here in this great hotel and the restaurant where we had such a cool experience… and since our lat visit (read below) they did get a well deserved Michelin star!

You can see that we also extended the team to two friends enjoying their teeth wedding anniversary…

The team

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It was a nice opportunity to be back together in a beautiful place and do a cool and specific visit of Paris but from a different angle as we will also visit another starred restaurant but in Paris centre. This visit will be the subject of my coming post.

Let’s come back to our evening and the pleasure we had from the first glass of Champagne till coffee.

For the dinner itself, we did make the call to go for Champagne for the full menu and it was a good idea as it was spot on and matched with all dishes.

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Time to look at the menu, a real discovery with great quality and taste. None of us had a negative or even neutral comment to make about the food, it was simply straight to the point.

The menu:

fennel, green pepper relish

Wild venison tartare
leek, juniper, Sansho pepper

Ceps and black trumpets
corn, mushrooms broth

Sturgeon “Maison Prunier”
Oscietra caviar, daikon turnip, karashi

Mallard duck
quetsch plums, squash gnocchi,
duck jus with grand marnier

Selection of cheeses

Herb sorbet

black and cedrat lemon

Black fig
berlingot, olive oil, fig leaf

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As you can see the visual effect perfectly supports the food quality and makes the experience a real nice moment. But let’s not forget the reason why we are here.

The purpose: anniversary

I will keep getting there as it has many advantages when going to Paris and this restaurant is definitely a key factor. Nevertheless by visiting the George’s V we may try that one too if we come by train…

Here we go moving to my 3rd Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant… of course I have been in the one in Heathrow Terminal 5 but also his place in the Savoy in London.
This one is located in the Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace and this restaurant came really as a bonus as we were looking at enjoying a relaxing weekend in Versailles.
Again not our first Waldorf as we could enjoy their services in New-York, London and Rome, this one did not make exception to the luxury rule!

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The Team

A great team to enjoy a lovely dinner with some Champagne and amuses to start with…

We can now move to the heart of the evening and start enjoying the menu…

Red tuna, cédrat lemon, veal jus, roasted rapeseed oil
Wild mushrooms risotto, aged comté
Wild venison Wellington, glazed chestnut, parsnip, poivrade jus.
Some good cheese with a specific one that made the sorbet necessary 😂
Herbes sorbet
Glazed hazelnuts, chestnuts and confit mandarin
Wonderful acidulous lemon berlingots, Timut pepper ice cream

As you can see all dishes are delicate and sophisticated and it deserves the title of Michelin star cuisine as not only the food is great but the location adds to the experience and a flawless service with sense of humour which is always a plus.

We spent a great moment and fortunate we could reach the hotel early so that we could spend the time going through the seven courses else we would have had to restrict ourselves to five which would have been a sad choice as the scallops and the hazelnuts were exquisite.

I guess you understood I recommend the place if you want to enjoy your time in the area even if you are in Paris…

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