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A great and beautiful surprise! Now the tone is set and I must say I never heard of this restaurant since my friend proposed to meet there as it is half way between Liège and The Hague…

It is now in 2022 nr 23 in the top 50 world’s best restaurants… it makes it also the best Belgian place and well deserved 2 Michelin stars owner

You can see the chef Nick Bril our host who is also a nice surprise as he wears multiple hats as you can read on the restaurant’s website. It was cool to get him at the table for for a quick chat and a couple of pics… and also explain a bit how he splits his life between cooking, spending time with his family and his DJ-s commitments.

The Team

You are obviously in a former church that has been refurbished with all you need for a classy restaurant allowing a great set-up for the kitchen and the eating space…
It also allows some music to be played without annoying the forty plus customers and the service to nicely interact all together.
The below pictures will show you the the room and cool to hear the check that he is trying to not make it too formal so that everybody feels good eating there…

Now that we defined the who , the where and the why, high time to check the what is on the menu… you will see the variety of delicious and ambitious dishes with high standards to manage a great experience.
It is also important to mention that they did cope with our diet constraints in the menu and so without impacting the quality of the moment spent at the table… job very well done.

  • North Sea crab, beach crab, persimmon fruit, cucumber
  • Zeeland shells, kohlrabi, tarama, Buddha’s hand, yoghurt
  • Cuttlefish, violet artichoke, radicchio, sesame, yakon
  • Hamachi ‘dry-aged’, passion fruit, wasabi, ponzu, seaweed
  • Irish Mòr, Balfegò, buttermilk, bread miso, yuzu kosho
  • Langoustine, bergamot, horseradish, cherry, beetroot
  • Langoustine, mishima u kari, daikon, tapioca
  • Brill, pork leg, potato, celery, mussel
  • Shell, foie gras, porcini mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke, hay
  • Venison, blackberry, carrot, young salsify
  • Quince, yogurt, speculoos, raw cream, kombucha
  • Pod, fermented raspberry, pepper, rose

Hopefully the pics are giving you a good perception of the complexity and how exquisite are these creations. One of the highlight is the gravy management and leaving it on the table for the customers to add some is a great idea.
No doubt their saucier is an asset as the sauces are simply fantastic and I ended up seeing myself eating the gravy alone when my plate was empty 😂.

As we were chatting during lunch, we agreed to privilege the quality versus the quantity and the choice was the right one, we enjoyed it through out the whole experience.

Two other points are worth being mentioned, first an impeccable service, on time, perfectly synchronised and could make it all happen within the 5 hours and this without a glitch…
The other point is the parking, also a great plus to have a private parking close to the restaurant providing a secure spot for your car.

We had the luxury to go to many great places now and we both agreed that it was our best experience in Belgium and comparable to El Celler de Can Roca and the Mirazur.
It was definitely worth driving 300 km and dedicate the day for this experience.
I would even say that if you are in Belgium you need to try this creative cuisine and enjoy five hours of happiness.
If you ever needed a reason to come to Belgium, now you have one!

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