France St Emilion Chateau Hotel-Spa Grand Barrail

The mother-ship for the weekend in Gironde! This hotel-spa was recommended by friends who went there a couple of years ago and as we never visited this part of France, we made the call to book their royal suite and have a look how it goes…
I did add the URL but you will also be able to check the room with my own pics.
I must admit that it was one of our best hotel experience so far that we can compare with e.g. Japan Osaka Conrad so it gives you a benchmark!
To provide even more context, it was our first time stopping in this area of France and I must say we’ll go back as people are so nice and helpful and the countryside is so beautiful! We did prefer this to South-East of France (Cote d’Azure) and fore sure we’ll go back to this specific hotel as it is ideally located if you want to visit the area including the Atlantic coast.
Let’s come back to a bit more details so that you will be able to appreciate our experience as well with some pictures.

So you can see a 65 m2 suite and 35 m2 terrace with all you need in there including chocolate and a full bottle of Champagne at arrival. So if you compare with the website unlike France St Emilion Chateau de Candale you do get what you see on the screen.

I must highlight the logistics to make sure all the Covid-19 restrictions are well followed and that the people are totally compliant down to cleaning the key systematically and wearing masks 100% of the time.

As we arrived after a 1,048 km drive we started with a nap then some Champagne and went out walking to be fit for dinner as we made the decision to eat there the first evening to avoid having to drive even more :-). You can see here the environment i.e. the countryside the hotel is in and how peaceful the area is… What else do you want to unplug for a weekend, far away from work and get recharged.

We also spent a bit of time looking at the hotel inside and the castle more specifically… I guess you get a good feeling about the quality of life such a place can give you and allow a “let it go” attitude.

As I mentioned earlier we had dinner there on our first evening. We got a table outside on the terrace with a view on the garden and the panorama (just below our terrace on the 1st floor).
Again a flawless service with waitresses smiling behind their mask and some sense of humor :-).
Here below you can see what we did eat and believe me not only it looks good but it also taste accordingly.

Great meal, beautiful location and flawless service, what else would you want? It was really a perfect stay there and I have no complaint whatsoever about the overall experience.
I also need to pay justice to the breakfasts, delivered on our terrace for no extra charge every morning and at agreed time and with all you wish.

A last point about this hotel and the service they offered us was a picnic for our way back as I hate eating on the highways’ restaurants so that we had fresh salad and sandwiches to enjoy while driving back!

Now for sure you better understand we used this location as our base to visit France Bordeaux Le Quatrième Mur or France Bordeaux Chez Dupont or France St Emilion Chateau de Candale and even France St Emilion L’Huitrier-Pie

I can’t do anything else than recommend the place and stay as long as you can to enjoy and relax!

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