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I have been there so many times and I realise I never created a post for that « legendary » place. I started to go there in 2011 when my boss told me it was the place to go to if you want the best truffle pasta in town.
He was indeed right… unfortunately, no pics available right now unless I cheat and steal it from a website

Tagliolini Al Tartufo (Fresh pasta with butter and sage prepared in the big Parmesan cheese with a finishing touch of fresh truffle)

as we went for other dishes but will add mine soon I guess as Tanta Roba has now closed its doors for good. So I will go more to Denneweg!

The team in the evening with a great colleague and her husband whit whom we spent a great evening to celebrate the change!
Vitello Tonnato (Thin sliced veal with a tuna sauce and capers)
Carpaccio Cipriani (Carpaccio of beef tenderloin served with scales of Parmigiano, pine nuts and fresh rocket)
Insalata câpres (Mozzarella di Bufala with tomatoes, fresh basil and pesto)
Minestrone (Traditional Italian vegetable soup)
Ravioli Piemontesi (Home made ravioli stuffed with veal in a delicate demi glace)
Tagliatelle al Nero di Sepia E Salmonella (Ink squid tagliatelle with salmon and semi-dried cherry tomatoes)
Risotto of the day
Lasagna classical

As you could see, it is a great experience and much fun also with the waiter… cool evening at reasonable price in a nice place. Do not hesitate if you want an Italian place in The Hague. By the way i was about to forget about a nice bottle of wine 😉

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